Friday, September 19, 2008


NYU Prof Angry at Student Critique

Alert WORDster Simon Owens sends this heads-up:

Hey Ted: I remember seeing your post the other week about the NYU journalism student who complained that her journalism class was still firmly planted in old media. I don't know if you heard about this, but yesterday Media Shift published a follow up article revealing that the professor of that course got angry when she read it and banned the student from blogging or twittering about the class. I thought this was something you and your readers would find interesting.

Indeed. Read on...

From PBS’s website MediaShift:

NYU Professor Stifles Blogging, Twittering by Journalism Student

After New York University journalism student Alana Taylor wrote her first embed report for MediaShift on September 5, it didn’t take long for her scathing criticism of NYU to spread around the web and stir conversations. Taylor thought that her professor, Mary Quigley, was not up to speed on social media and podcasting — even though the class she was teaching was called “Reporting Gen Y.” And Taylor felt that NYU was not offering her enough classes about new media; she cited the requirement that students bring print editions of the New York Times to class as one example of their outdated mindset.

Not surprisingly, Quigley was not happy with the story and was upset that Taylor had not sought permission to write her first-person report about the class, and told Taylor it was an invasion of privacy to other students in the class. By Taylor’s account, Quigley had a one-on-one meeting with Taylor to discuss the article, and Quigley made it clear that Taylor was not to blog, Twitter or write about the class again. That was upsetting to Taylor, who had been planning a follow-up report for MediaShift that would include Quigley’s viewpoint and interviews with faculty.

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  1. Wait a minnit! Don't they teach the First Amendment at NYU's J school?