Monday, November 25, 2013

Comfort Zone, Duh

News Note: Know your time commitment: Slate lists reading time for its stories.


“The reason I stopped reading the New York Times is that it persists in printing stories whose subjects I have not previously familiarized myself with. . . . Why would I want to be confronted with that? The tech geniuses at Slate, by contrast, can fill me to bursting with what I’m already interested in.
“I mean, come on, you presumptuous MSM editors, I don’t consume media for ‘discovery’ or ‘scope.’ The last thing I need is your intellectual breadth or judgment. I consume media to stay in my comfort zone and validate my worldview on everything I already know, duh.”

—Bob Garfield, columnist, “Slate’s ‘minutes to read’ feature dumbs down journalism,” The Guardian, Nov. 23, 2013

• Editorial Comment: That’s assuming I already have a worldview...

• SeeStephen Colbert Really Likes This New Slate Feature” 

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