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Note: Headline writing is hard. And fun. You have to write tight, and get it right. In my copy editing class, as we worked on headlines, I asked my students to write me haikus—five syllables/seven/five—about the press/journalism/editing. Here are some of the results. These kids are good.

“The beautiful thing
about telling a story
is ‘nudging the world.’”
—Mariah Noble

“Stories they tell me—
hidden thoughts and hidden dreams.
My hands write wildly.”
—Sarah Romero

“Class with Ted is great,
though I might not graduate...
Writing ain’t my thing.”
—Jon Larson (national handball champ, 2014)

The story was due Tuesday.
Who sleeps anyway?”
—Noelle Johansen

“e. cummings once said,
‘Society, I hate you.’
I’ve learned to question.”
—Manda Perkins

“Do not hit ‘submit’
until you fact-check your shit,
or else you’re fired.”
—Ileana Borunda

“It's a tasking thing.
Damn this business straight to hell.
Oh, but I love it.”
—Paul Christiansen was just hired at a newspaper in Gillette, Wyoming.

“Editing stories—
spell this, grammar that, AP . . . 
learn to write, dammit!”
—Eric Jungblut

“Ode to my Stylebook:
thanks for saving my ass from
—Noelle Johansen

“Using pens as tools,
reporters uncover truth.
Their words shape the world.”
—Dawn Otterby

• Editorial Comment: And here’s the perfesser’s: 
Headline writers writhe,
struggling to tell a true tale.
Why is truth so hard?

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“Words are sacred. They deserve respect. If you get the right ones, in the right order, you can nudge the world a little.” —Tom Stoppard


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