Monday, September 22, 2014

Hail Mary

NFL Lapdogs

“It’s no surprise that NFL-owned media would tiptoe around stories questioning the integrity and credibility of the NFL. The [Ray] Rice [domestic abuse] case is a reminder of how the nearly $10 billion-a-year NFL’s rise to cultural prominence has allowed it to shape the message transmitted to fans, both through its quasi-journalistic arms and through multibillion-dollar deal with other media. . . . The league’s media lapdogs have started barking, and they might not stop until the commissioner is gone.” 

—Stefan Fatsis, reporter, “Giving Up on Goodell: How the NFL lost the trust of its most loyal reporters,”, 2014 

• Editorial Comment: Woof. 

PeezPix by Ted Pease 

Summer Blooms

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