Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Cavalry’s Coming


“It was lonely and it was painful. At one point I was on the air with a male partner who really didn’t want me on and made things quite difficult for me, but what saved me — two things that I think: one was letters from other women saying, ‘We’re going through the same thing,’ in whatever field they were in, in whatever job they had, and ‘hang in there.’ And I knew I had their support. And the other thing was a telegram, believe it or not, that said, ‘Don’t let the bastards get you down,’ and it was signed John Wayne. And I felt the cavalry was coming! So it was a difficult time, but if it helped other women — and maybe it did — then it’s a legacy I’m extremely proud of.” 

—Barbara Walters, first woman network news anchor, at the end of a 53-year TV career, “Bye-Bye to Barbara Walters: A Long ‘View’ of a Stories Career,” National Public Radio, May 2014

Editorial Comment: “And then came ‘The View.’

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  1. Dan Koger writes: "Ah, John Wayne, that great feminist-leaning advocate of women's rights."