Friday, April 24, 2015

Rarified Airtime

. . . and Dumb Human Misteaks

“There are certain professions that we in society put on a very high pedestal in terms of honesty and integrity — like teachers, doctors and journalists. We assume they’re breathing rarefied air. 

“All of those people are just human and prone to be human and making dumb human mistakes and falling prey to envy and lust. Anything less than absolute perfection, we condemn. . . . [P]eople lie and cut corners, whether (they) work at Taco Bell or as a reporter.”

—Gabrielle Union, who plays a cutthroat cable news host on BET’s “Being Mary Jane,” in “News Flash: Flawed reporters abound onscreen,” USA Today, April 13, 2015

Editorial Comment: What? Brian Williams and Taco Bell, too?

PeezPix by Ted Pease 

Tom, Couch Potato

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