Tuesday, September 8, 2015

OMG! Someone’s watching?!?

One of the joys of the WORD (and there really aren’t many, as victims like you know all too well...) is reconnecting with its victims every fall. The thing about cyberspace is that we forget who’s out there, listening as the tree falls in the forest. 

Hearing from longtime WORD afflictees reminds me that there actually *are* human friends out there in cyberspace.

[Pause for ProfessorTedtalk. Feel free to snooze. My students do.] 

Audience awareness is something any mass communicator takes for granted, so when any WORD recipient actually responds, it’s a bit of a shock. The reminder that hitting can hit a sentient being is important for any blogger. 

For the pajama-clad blogger back in his laptop cave (Students in Dr. Pease’s online courses: Don’t even go there.), a personal email response to a mass post can prompt both astonishment and spasms of concern over how long I’ve been wearing this t-shirt.

But, like any undisciplined blogger, I digress.

The point was to express my astonishment and thanks to those who responded to the annual reemergence of the WORD from its hole. It’s really good to hear from you. When the WORD escapes St. Mumbles every August, I am reminded of all my friends out there. Some of whom I’ve even met in person. Hope I was in a (semi) clean t-shirt at the time.


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