Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Another -30-

A City’s Lifetime

“One hundred and forty nine years is a long life. A century and a half of so many details, so many stories, so many lives touched and changed. So much history chronicled, personalities explored, facts recorded, voices quoted, lies exposed and truths told. So many momentous events observed. A dizzying amount of information recorded in type and pictures, for 149 years. 

“Today’s edition is the final print edition of the Guelph Mercury, a publication that began as a daily newspaper the year Canada became a nation, and a dozen years before Guelph was incorporated as a city.” 

—Rob O’Flanagan, reporter, “The Guelph Mercury lived for 149 years,” the (now-defunct) Guelph (Ontario) Mercury, which closed its print operation last week, Jan. 28, 2016

Editorial Comment: So a city of 120,000 can’t support a newspaper?

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Slow Leeks

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