Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Perfesser of Interesting Stuff

WORDmeister pre-ramble: This is the last week of my last classes. Last week, I appeared for the last time on the campus of Utah State University, where my wife, Brenda Cooper, started as professors in 1994. As part of my triumphal swan song, I offer this lightly edited plagiarism to my students and colleagues, none of whom I will ever forget. Really.
Good Old Professor Who?

“What makes a good journalism professor? newspaperman? The answer is easy. He knows everything. He is aware not only of what goes on in the world today, but his brain is a repository of the accumulated wisdom of the ages. He is not only handsome, but he has the physical strength which enables him to perform great feats of energy teaching, service and, especially, research so as to publish, not perish. He can go for nights on end without sleep. He dresses shabbily well and talks with charming but opaque academic idiom. Men admire him; women adore him; deans and provosts tycoons and statesmen are willing to share their secrets — but not their salaries — with him. He hates lies and meanness, committee work and sham, but he keeps his temper. He is loyal to his school paper and to what he looks upon as the teaching profession; whether it is a profession, or merely a craft, he resents attempts to debase it. When he dies, a lot of students people are sorry, and some of them remember him for several days.”
  — With apologies to Stanley Walker, newspaperman, New York Herald-Tribune, 1924
Editorial Comment: Good old whatsisname. Dear old poop.

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Cache Valley Sunrise


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