Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Arizona Republic’s Courage

WORDMeister Note: The publisher of The Arizona Republic explains why her conservative newspaper chose to endorse a Democratic presidential candidate for the first time ever, and the scary shitstorm that ensued.

Courage & Integrity

“To all the other people who we heard from, who thanked us for our courage and our bravery, or who were bold enough to disagree with us on principle — the people who didn’t threaten to bomb our homes or harm our families — I have something for you, too. To you, I give my gratitude. I’m grateful that you stood up to say that we live in a better world when we exchange ideas freely, fairly, without fear.”

—Mi-Ai Parrish, publisher, The Arizona Republic, “How do we respond to threats after our endorsement? This is how,” Oct. 17, 2016.
 Editorial Comment: Amen.

PeezPix by Ted Pease

Rescue Boat

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