Tuesday, November 15, 2016

RIP, Gwen Ifill

WORDmeister note: Gwen Ifill, longtime journalist and host of the PBS Newshour, died at 61 yesterday.

Jeez, It's Been a Rough Week

“A mutual friend nails it about Gwen Ifill: A voice of calm, reason and credibility.

“How odd that those pretty rudimentary values seem so rare. It wasnt that long ago that such attributes were expected from most journalists. And, come to think of it, many other Americans in positions of responsibility, not just rabbis and parish priests. Possessing them didnt virtually ensure professional esteem and reverence, as they do now.

“Consider a culture in which being provocative is now more prized than being right. Being interesting, even if consistently wrong, will get calls from TV bookers. It will get clicks and calls from editors about having really stirred the pot!’

“And its a reason so many Americans detest the press.”

—James Warren, The Poynter Institute, Nov. 15, 2016

Editorial Comment: Oh, man.

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