Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kennedy-Nixon 1960

TV Nation

“When that debate was over, I realized that we didn’t have to wait for an election day. We just elected a president. It all happened on television.”
—Don Hewitt, producer-director of the first Kennedy-Nixon debate, 1960

Editorial Comment: Quaint times of yesteryear....

Today’s Extra: Miniature Earth (video)

Crab Apples are done and gone, and the remnants are now snow-covered at the base of the Wellsvilles in Northern Utah.

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  1. So long radio... hello T.V!!! It's amazing how much information/images got captured and put on T.V. With the radio, you listened and it was your own imagination that developed images. With the T.V you just watched. Now look at us!

    Romina Nedakovic

  2. That still amazes me! I have heard that people listening to the radio thought that Nixon had won. Say what we want, but looks and poise certainly have something to do with the way we view others.

    Erica Abbott