Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Golden Uncle Walter

The WORDmeister sez: It’s somehow fitting, coming two days after the death of CBS bulldog Mike Wallace at 93, that Monday marked the golden 50th anniversary of the first Walter Cronkite broadcast of the CBS evening news, which changed journalism. Uncle Walter died at 92 in 2009.

And That’s the Way It Was

“(CBS News)—Fifty years ago, John Kennedy was in the White House, and Barack Obama was in diapers. The future of Berlin was in the morning papers, and the future of CBS News moved into the anchor chair.

‘Good evening from CBS News headquarters in New York. Civil war threatens Algeria tonight,’ Walter Cronkite announced during one of his early broadcasts.” . . .

‘This is the evening edition of CBS News with Walter Cronkite,’ the announcer proclaimed.

“The new set featured a bank of black-and-white monitors. Variety, the showbiz magazine, called it ‘visual razzmatazz.’ The technology was primitive by today’s standards.” . . .

“Unfortunately, Cronkite’s debut was not recorded. This edition—four months later—is the only known recording of the broadcast from that era. ‘More news in a moment after this word from Aerowax,’ Cronkite said.” . . .

“[Cronkite’s] first broadcast . . . ended in Cronkite inviting viewers to get the details of the stories he’d reported in the next day’s papers. ‘An explosion broke out amongst the suits and management, who were very upset that Walter was sending people to read newspapers instead of coming to him for the news,’ [producer Sanford] Socolow recalled.

“So Cronkite came up with an alternative sign-off, the one he’d use for the next 19 years: ‘And that’s the way it is.’

• Editorial Comment: TV advice to read the news in the papers—is that 1962-style convergence?

• RERUN: Dental Hygienists Did you miss yesterday’s WORDs on a study that finds journalism among the worst jobs in 2012, while dental assistants and actuaries rank at the top? Click here.

• 2012 JCOM Awards: The JCOM Department celebrates the end of a GREAT year and congratulates its Class of 2012 Friday at 2 p.m. in the Ag Building Auditorium (#101), followed by a reception and open house of new JCOM offices and labs. Outstanding Student Awards, 2012-13 Scholarships, general hilarity in the last week of classes. Junior Emily Landeen produced this video of student feedback on the department.

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