Friday, September 7, 2012

Grammar Rules


“These are sad times for grammatical purists. One can forgive the usual assaults on the language that characterize political debate across the spectrum: Those are to be expected. But I have been stewing for months—months!—over the decision by the Associated Press, for a century the vaunted exemplar of proper journalistic usage, to amend its style guide to allow its dwindling stable of reporters to use the adverb ‘hopefully’ as a synonym for ‘it is to be hoped that.’”

“During my undergraduate term as managing editor of the Stanford Daily, I enforced the style guide with a will. Reporters complained, wanting to know what difference consistency made. My answer, then as now: If we can’t agree about the small things, we’ll never agree about the big ones.”

—Stephen L. Carter, Bloomberg columnist and Yale Law professor,, Sept. 6, 2012
• Editorial Comment: . . . he opined irascibly.

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