Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Annoying Students

Growing Their Passion

“We’re annoying. We carry cameras, recorders, and notebooks. We speak using terms like InDesign and ENPS, and we are always strung out on coffee. We’re constantly asking questions, and always want to ask a follow up. We thirst for knowledge; we always want to know more. We read a lot and always watch the commercials looking for new ideas. We’re innovative, editing pictures and videos to tell the story we want. We play jump rope with the truth, either abiding by it completely, or erasing the margins to prove a point. We criticize everything and everyone including ourselves, because even the best isn’t always perfect. We spend hours photo-shopping a picture, analyzing syntax in a article, or editing a video. From the outside communications majors appear to be absolutely crazy, but from the inside, you can never find a more passionate group of people.”

—Carling Mott, Syracuse University journalism/communications major, “This Is What Only Communications Majors Know To Be True,” 2014  

• Editorial Comment: And this is why I’ve been a professor for 30 years.

PeezPix by Ted Pease 
I made a pie today*, oh boy.....

* well, it was last week. Gone now...


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