Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bill O’Reilly, Cub Reporter

Foreign to Reporting

“O’Reilly . . . wasn’t interested in tips. ‘I tried to give him some advice, give him a read on how the place worked. He didn’t seem too interested. I offered in a suggestion on how things worked and he didn’t pay any attention to me.” . . . 

“‘I saw him as someone who wasn’t willing to be held back by the restrictions that govern rookie reporters. . . . He was the kind of guy who wanted to find a story that was going to get him on the air that night.’”

Eric Jon Engberg, former CBS correspondent, in Terrence McCoy,How Bill O’Reilly imploded at CBS following his Falklands War ‘combat’ reporting,” The Washington Post, Feb 23, 2015 WaPost video here.

Editorial Comment: Shaddup, Jimmy Olson, and get me a coffee.

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