Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Brave New World

No Humans Need Apply

“So-called robot journalism has enabled the AP to crank out some 3,000 reports each quarter — up from 300 . . . Many of those stories are now also being published ‘without human intervention,’ [said] AP’s assistant business editor Philana Patterson. 

“In other words, stories are going directly onto the wire without any human edits.

“‘Automation was never about replacing jobs,’ AP vice president and managing editor Lou Ferrara said. ‘It has always been about how we can best use the resources we have in a rapidly changing landscape and how we harness technology to run the best journalism company in the world.’” 

—Catherine Taibi, reporter, “6 Months Later, AP’s Robot Journalism Is In Full Swing, And It’s Working,” HuffPo, 2015

Editorial Comment: Contacted for comment, the AP spokesbot said, “Whrrrrrrr. Bing! Ditditdit, BEEP!”

PeezPix by Ted Pease 

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