Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Not So Sunny

Happy Freedom of Information Day

The Most Transparent Administration In History™ sure picked a strange way to kick off Sunshine Week,” tweeted Parker Higgins of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

 “WASHINGTON — The White House is removing a federal regulation that subjects its Office of Administration to the Freedom of Information Act, making official a policy under Presidents Bush and Obama to reject requests for records to that office. . . . 

“‘The irony of this being Sunshine Week is not lost on me,’ said Anne Weismann of the liberal Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. ‘It is completely out of step with the president’s supposed commitment to transparency. That is a critical office, especially if you want to know, for example, how the White House is dealing with e-mail.’”

—Gregory Korte, reporter, “White House office to delete its FOIA regulations,” USA Today, March 17, 2015 

Editorial Comment: What’s with Dems and their friggin’ email?

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  1. Alert WORDcommenter Steve Ross observes:

    "1. The president, like all politicians, is committed to saying he is transparent. As with all politicians, he's not committed to actually being transparent.

    2. Democrats actually use email. Not sure about Republicans. John McCain says he doesn't. Nothing to disclose here. Just move along.

    3. I know Sunshine Week was an invention of newspaper editors. But the Federal FOIA was enacted July 4, 1966, re-enacted almost a year later, and became effective July 4, 1967. What's this mid-March thing? To take our minds off the NCAA?"