Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Today's Word—Folding the Newspaper

News Flash: The Boston Globe reports that the daily newspaper in Maine’s largest city might fold (Click here for story: “A Maine beacon blinks,” The Boston Globe, Aug. 15, 2008.)

Hockomock Head Light, Swans Island, Maine (©Ted Pease 2000)

Losing Community

“It is such a profound change as to be almost impossible to imagine. It would mean the end of a shared experience, sense of community, sense of common purpose. Newspapers represent all of that.”

—Herb Adams, Maine state legislator, on the possible demise
of the Portland, Maine, Press Herald, the city's only daily newspaper, 2008

1 comment:

  1. About the lighthouse:

    Since so many of you asked . . . yes, this is original Pease "art." It's mere PhotoShoppery, though, so settle down.

    Hockomock Head guards Swans Island Harbor in Maine. It is a place where I spent something like the first 22 summers of my life--thanks to humane and wise parents--and where my heart and soul still reside. The Lighthouse stopped being "manned" by the U.S. Coast Guard in the--I forget--1970s or something, but still serves an an essential automated beacon for those at sea.

    Kind of like a newspaper's role, I'm thinking (except for the "automated" part).

    There was a point in my youth when I Seriously pursued the possibility of buying Hockomock Head Light. Fortunately, a more stable solution was found.