Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gonzo TV

Crazy Wilbur

“People think I watch TV too much, but they are wrong. There is a huge difference between merely ‘watching’ TV and learning to respond aggressively to it. The difference for most people is the difference between the living and dying of their own brains. The lesson is simple, yet it must be learned: if all you get from watching TV most of your life is the jumble of disconnected information it imparts, you are doomed to a life of fear and confusion—especially if you receive 500 or 600 channels 24 hours a day, like I do.

“The difference between Dan Rather on CBS and a Crazy Wilbur pimping junk jewelry on the RIP-U home shopping network is not easy to see or grasp when you’ve been watching the whole world happening constantly on three 40-inch Interactive HD/black matrix Mitsubishi TV monitors that make Bill Clinton’s head appear twice the size of yours, and his voice so pure and real that it sounds like it’s coming from the depths of your own throat, all day and all night for 55 straight months.”

--Hunter S. Thompson (1938-2005) , gonzo journalist, Better than sex, confessions of a political junkie, 1994 (Thanks to alert WORDster Seth Bracken)

• Editorial Comment: That would be enough to make me shoot my TV.

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