Thursday, March 17, 2011

Irish Times

Press and Begorrah!

“Whatever their political preferences, the Irish American journalists I know seem to share a love for language, an abiding sense of family, a deep disdain for injustice, a fervent embrace of the social gospel, a theological affinity to good works as a means to salvation, an attachment to ritual and an openness to the mysteries of the universe. On some days they see themselves as saints and sinners, on others as sinners and saints."
—Roy Peter Clark is not Irish, he says, but he admires the Irish influence on the journalistic ethic. “‘Father’ Tim Russert: Irish Catholicism and American Journalism,” The Poynter Institute, 2008.

Editorial Comment: Explains why they’re green eyeshades...

By the Way . . . 2010 update on the Irish press, FYI.

Black Hole Update: Story on Utah’s Black Hole Award yesterday from the Society of Professional Journalists. (Image: SPJ’s Freedom of Information chair David Cuillier delivers a black wreath to the Utah Capitol. Salt Lake Tribune)

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