Monday, April 4, 2011

Oxygen Needed

Revolution by Emoticon? :)

“Yes, people inform one another and inspire one another. But the real revolution is inside their heads. The most profound change is not in how they talk to others but in how they think of themselves. Jerrold Post, a professor of political psychology at George Washington University, says, . . . ‘By interacting, getting a response, being out there, one feels not just (like) a distant individual who can have no impact in the system, but being part of the system — that’s really the profundity of this change.’

“Social media does not cause revolutions. They are caused by experience, by the festering frustrations and thwarted dreams of countless individuals. But social media allows those individuals to connect with one another, to encourage one another, to translate their isolated anxiety into collective action. As one of Steve’s students put it, social media is not the spark of change; it is the oxygen that enables that spark to flare and spread.”

—Cokie and Steve Roberts, syndicated columnists,
“Crowd Power Is Growing,” April 3, 2011 URL

Editorial Comment: I dunno. A lot of social media seems kind of oxygen-deprived.

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