Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sprinkle Liberally with Facts

When the News Goes All Liberal on You

“So what do conservatives really mean when they accuse NPR of being ‘liberal’? They mean it’s not accountable to their worldview as conservatives and partisans. They mean it reflects too great a regard for evidence and is too open to reporting different points of views of the same event or idea or issue. Reporting that by its very fact-driven nature often fails to confirm their ideological underpinnings, their way of seeing things (which is why some liberals and Democrats also become irate with NPR).”

—Bill Moyers, veteran commentator, and Michael Winship, president of the Writers Guild of America, East,
What the right means when it calls NPR ‘liberal,”’, March 25, 2011
(Thanks to alert WORDster Steve Marston)

Editorial Comment: Facts!? That’s not “liberal”—it’s radical.

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