Thursday, November 3, 2011

Body Slam

Posturing Pundits

“I’ve grown out of the habit of following ‘professional entertainers’ in the form of professional wrestling —there are more important things like politics and foreign policy and fiscal responsibility to fill my evenings.

“Now when I want to see something overtly biased, I turn on Bill O’Reilly and watch him pile-drive his guests and their views about government spending. When I’m sufficiently conservative, I’ll switch to Rachel Maddow and work out my liberal angst. . . .”

“Pundits reinforce all of the negative aspects of human interaction within a developed society: ignorance, argumentation, miscommunication, tenacious idiocy.”

—Max Parker Dahl, Utah State journalism student,
in McCarthey Family Foundation essay competition
on whether pundits arethe ultimate independent journalists.
Opinion: Pundits are like TV wrestling—entertainment, not reality,”

• Editorial Comment: Body-slam Stephen Colbert.

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