Friday, March 1, 2013

Don’t Read This

WORDguy sez: Today is National UnPlug Day. Don't click here....


We all need time off. Like serious time off. Time when we feel like were able to truly rejuvenate without the little panicked voice chirping away in the back of our heads fretting about the backlog of things we are going to have to deal with when we come in. 

“Unfortunately, email is the one app that we feel guilty about turning off. Why? Cuz the interface is designed to put you on a hamster wheel, rarely ever succeeding at letting you reach empty. You feel accomplished when you get to inbox zero. And then you sleep and its all back to haunt you. For this reason, I recommend taking an email sabbatical.”

—Danah Boyd, senior Microsoft guy, How to Take an Email Sabbatical,” 2011
• Editorial Comment: Clearly, I can't do this..... HamsterBoy.

Yesterday’s WORD: Did you miss yesterday’s WORDs from Said to Lady Journos sexist crap that women journalists hear as they try to do their jobs.? Click here. 
ATV News: Old Main Hill, napping Aggies, sports and weather, anchored by Courtney Robinson and Kelton Wells 
Under the sea . . . USU students dredge up biotech solution for implants, by Mary Taggart, Sam Bennion, Landon Kohler, Hannah Heninger and Amanda Ahlman 
Ouch! Overcrowded Nelson Fieldhouse poses threat to students? by Clayton Leuba, Tessa Italasano, Ileana Borunda and Cale Patterson
Aggie ice cream lobbies Legislature with creamy treats, by Zach Waxler, Bradley Thatcher, Jordan Groff and Caesarea Kritz
Logan draws line in the air to combat valley air pollution health risks, by Jessica Hinrichs, Grady Smith, Seth Merrill and Teresa Gutierrez 
Friends of the Elderly club connects with seniors on Presidents Day, by Tricia Olson, McCarty Hatfield, Rhys Stephens, Brooke Larsen and Landon Graham

PeezPIX by Ted Pease
Coastal Morning

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