Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tony’s Trumpet

Anthony Lewis, 1927-2013

“I always tell young journalists and young lawyers to read everything Lewis has written, because his writing was always so clear, and so accessible, and such a good starting point for more involved research on any given legal topic. Others evidently agreed. ‘He’s as clear a writer as I think I know,’ former Times editor Joseph Lelyveld [said]. There will likely be no dissent from that opinion.”

—Andrew Cohen, The Life and Death of Anthony Lewis, a ‘Tribune of the Law’: The author of Gideons Trumpet changed the way legal issues are covered and understood in America,” The Atlantic, March 25, 2013

NYTimes obit: Anthony Lewis, a two-time Pulitzer winner who covered the U.S. Supreme Court and “transformed American legal journalism,” died Monday.
• Washington Post obit:Anthony Lewis, indefatigable champion of civil liberties and winner of two Pulitzer Prizes, dies at 85”
• The Atlantic: James Fallows’ remembrance

• Editorial Comment: Never doubt that journalists can change the world. Read Anthony Lewis. RIP

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PeezPIX by Ted Pease
Clayhead Ted
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  1. Kay Kelley Mersereau writes:

    Dear Dr. Ted,
    I was so glad to see your email today about Tony Lewis. Eighty-five is too young an age, I think, for him to go since he was absolutely the best ever! I met him in the seventies and he was a great help to me. (I was writing a book that was controversial at the time.) I found him to have a great sense of humor, great sensitivity and charm of course. He just had everything positive and worthwhile. You could say he was my writing champion, such a lucid, fair minded gentleman with the ability to get right straight to the point and explain it completely. He was a fascinating man that I will always love and will never forget.
    Yours truly,
    Kay Kelley Mersereau
    Greensboro, NC