Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chips, Anyone?


“If you’ll walk around with a Bluetooth headset hanging from your ear, you’ll probably walk around with a Google chip in your brain.”
—Nicholas Carr, technology writer and author of books and articles on new technology, including The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains (2010) and “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” The Atlantic (2008). From Computing the Cost, The Sun, March, 2009

Editorial Comment: Let me Google an idea

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  1. I read through the "Is Google Making Us Stupid" article and I was shocked at how many of this author's questions and comments I was nodding my head to. He speaks of a friend who no longer reads books at all. I realized, I can spend hours upon hours mindlessly following links on the web, facebooking, reading blogs, watching stupid youtube videos, but I get bored after three pages of a book. It takes me an awful lot more effort to 'get into a book' than it used to when I was younger. And I won't even the begin to talk about how difficult it is to sink my teeth into a textbook. I'd much rather find a summary of the information on wikipedia. For shame.

  2. I'm on the same page with Elise. I'll only read these days if it's a book I choose to read and the topic is interesting. Otherwise, my nose is planted into my lap top as I'm reading articles, facebooking, whatever. I wouldn't be surprised if scientists studied my brain and found a "google chip" in it.

    Romina Nedakovic