Monday, November 22, 2010


Cheap Shots in 140-Character Bites

“Twitter’s 140-character blasts aren’t bringing down the newspapers. They’re just turning journalists into sniggering cheap-shot artists. Ever since reporters started using Twitter, an old guard of newspaper hands has complained that the micro-blogging site is undermining the art of journalism, 140 characters at a time. But Twitter is actually more of a threat to a particular strain of journalism, a mostly noble one: press criticism. On Twitter, every journalist is a press critic. This may sound like a good thing: Journalism, more than most institutions, would seem to benefit from self-scrutiny. But, trust me, it isn’t. Twitter opens a window into journalists’ minds and, often times, the view ain’t pretty.”
—Ben Crair, deputy news editor of The Daily Beast,
Twitter Killed Media Criticism,” Nov. 21, 2010
(Thanks to alert WORDster Brenda Cooper)

Editorial Comment: ROFL . . . or crying.

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  1. Twitter is getting on my nerves! After I read one story, get an opinion about it, and let the information sink in, 5 seconds later another tweet comes in but it's news that should not even be news! Homer Simpson's brain scan is a good depiction of some of the journalists brains.

    Romina Nedakovic

  2. I hate Twitter. Twitter drove me out of journalism and into law school. Yah, it's that bad.