Wednesday, November 17, 2010



“Newspapers are the public’s referees as to which information is credible. You can go online and read no end of fiction and smear about public figures. But when you read content in a newspaper, you consistently can rely on it. . . . When a newspaper dies, you don’t get a comprehensive periodical to fill the void. You get an informational vacant lot into which passers-by can throw their junk.”
—Debra J. Saunders, columnist, “Cutting off your news to spite your face,” San Francisco Chronicle, February 26, 2009. (Thanks to alert WORDster Steve Nash)

Editorial Comment: Maybe a community garden in that lot?

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  1. Newspapers stay alive!!! I feel like newspapers are our last thread of hope for some objectivity.

    Romina Nedakovic

  2. I disagree. Newspapers can be just as biased and one sided as any other source. Though they are more likely to report facts, the print version has limited space.

    Erica Abbott

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