Friday, November 19, 2010

(No) Old-Timey Religion

The Atheists’ Hymnal

WORDmeister sez: For the run-up to Holiday Season, Steve Martin feels sorry for atheists and offers this as a remedy.

“Religious people have such beautiful music and art. And atheists really have nothing. Until now.”
—Steve Martin, comedian, writer, musician and songwriter, with the Steep Canyon Ramblers, “Atheists Don’t Have No Songs.” 3:51 YouTube ****four thumbs up.
(Thanks to alert WORDster Sydney Larson)

Editorial Comment: Damnation you can clap to.

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  1. I request for more Steve Martin clips!!! Love this man :)

    Romina Nedakovic

  2. I think Atheists are lacking in the musical department because a lot of them lack organization. Though there are some atheists get togethers,only a small fraction of atheists attend.

    Just my thoughts...
    Erica Abbott