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HARD NEWS CAFÉ (Ap 25-May 1)

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Utah State University • Logan, Utah
April 25-May 1, 2011

Addressing Immigration Issues in Utah.
7th Grade Teacher Volleyball ‘Smackdown.’
You’re in the Army Now? Embedded in ROTC.
‘Dreaded’ Mass Media Law Prof
. . . & more

GOOD MORNING!—May 1 moonrise over Logan. (Photo by Ted Pease)


Debate continues over ‘Utah Solution’ to immigration issue
April 30th, 2011
By Heidi Hansen
LOGAN—While many call for the U.S. attorney general to sue Utah over its new state guest-worker program, others are looking at the “Utah Solution” as a model for national immigration reform, sparking another round in the immigration debate. “Utah should not be punished. Rather we should be applauded for passing good public policy,” said Justin Hinh, president of the USU College Libertarians. “Utah’s immigration package has the best of both worlds. We increase enforcement but we also allow a route to citizenship.”

White Pine school’s ‘Volleyball Smackdown’ leaves teachers in the dust
April 29th, 2011
Story & photo by Kate Rouse
RICHMOND– Students at White Pine Middle School’s annual students vs. faculty “Volleyball Smackdown” made history in February, beating the faculty team 25-23 for the first time in the school’s 11-year history. “I’m totally devastated,” Principal Curt Hanks told the Pine Time News, a weekly news program produced by White Pine students, as he pretended to wipe his eyes. “I’ve been crying for a few minutes, I’m probably going to have to go home for the day.”

Man sentenced for violating protective order
April 29th, 2011

By Kate Rouse
LOGAN–Jose Roberto Oyuela pleaded guilty to violating a protective order, a class-B misdemeanor, in 1st District Court Wednesday and was sentenced to 180 days in the Cache County Jail.

Aggie TVNews anchors Ryan Parkinson, Jen Stevenson and Brett Lopinsky. (Photo by Bailey McMurdie)

Fat on campus: College life can be ‘perfect storm’ for obesity
April 29th, 2011

By Jamee Dyches
LOGAN — Before he got married in 2004, Ricky Harris ate whatever he wanted. His construction job kept him active, and he didn’t think about his weight. After marrying and returning to school, his life changed. According to the most recent statistics, approximately 25 percent of Utahns are obese , a 112 percent increase since 1989. In Utah, only Summit County meets the 2010 National Obesity Rate Target of 15 percent or less.

Peacenik-vegan-yogi embeds in Army, achieves unexpected balance
April 30th, 2011
Story & Photos by Natasha “Sarge” Bodily
LOGAN—As the semester ends, I think it is about time I reveal my little secret: I was never actually planning to join the Army. As in: never in a million years.

New York designer brings flare, color, inspiration to campus
April 30th, 2011
By Heidi Hansen
LOGAN—USU Interior Design students may think they’re good at what they do now, but Ghislaine Vinas, a New York City-based designer, told them they are only going to get better.

Penny Byrne:
JCOM prof is no-nonsense, respected, loved, sometimes ‘dreaded’

April 30th, 2011
Story & Photos by Shirrel Cooper
LOGAN—They either love her or hate her. That seems to be the consensus among Penny Byrne’s journalism students.

Course gets students in touch with their statistical side
April 25th, 2011

By Cathy Morgan
LOGAN—As the school year ends, so does the first semester of JCOM 2020—Communication Research Methods. It’s a major change for JCOM students who are “math-phobes.”

USU’s Old Main. (Photo by Ted Pease)

Trump, Obama ‘birther’ debate create dangerous distractions
April 30th, 2011
By Ben Zaritsky
Donald Trump has outdone himself. Again. “I’m proud of what I’ve done,” he said this week. Not only has he accused a president of the United States of being a liar, fraud and holding his office illegitimately, while at the same time ignoring (and helping the media to ignore) issues that drastically affect the entire nation, but he is proud of all that.

Pitching in at animal shelter cures puppy withdrawal
April 30th, 2011
By Ben Zaritsky
My family has always had an EXTREMELY soft spot for helpless animals, and it shows. At one point, we had 16 cats, four dogs, three birds, two fish and a bunny. Since coming to Utah State, I’ve suffered from some animal withdrawal, but, fortunately, I found a cure! Volunteering at the Cache Humane Society for the past few months has been one of my most fulfilling experiences since the beginning of my college career.

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