Monday, September 26, 2011


Thinking Cap

“I remember telling my reporters, one thing I never want to hear in your reports is, ‘I think.’ We have celebrified the news to the point where we are losing the news, where it is more about what some people think than what they know.”

—Frank Sesno
, former CNN White House correspondent and Washington bureau chief, in Dave Marash, Columbia Journalism Review, September/October 2011 URL

• Editorial Comment: I think, therefore I am?

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Fonnesbeck Greenhouse: Hobby is now a 22-year landmark in Mendon
North Logan Council can’t update city’s wage scale for lack of quorum

Paradise will install meter to measure water flow from spring

The JCOM Department at Utah State University has opened a national search for a tenure-track professor of public relations and corporate communication. Start date: August 2012. See USU HR link here for full posting and details. Email for more information.

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