Thursday, September 15, 2011

Political Discourse

Out of Order

“Incivility can be defined not just in terms of politeness, but also in terms of orderly discourse. Today’s ‘political and policymaking processes are not ordered around acknowledged facts or even the search for . . . arguable facts. Nor are public policy decisions in the U.S. driven by the desire to solve problems...’ Our political conversation has become increasingly disorderly. . . . One of our two major political parties today benefits electorally and in policy-making from impolite and disorderly discourse, while the other lacks incentives to fight back with equal fervor.”
—Robert Entman, political scientist,
George Washington University,
“Incivility and Assymetrical Partisan Warfare,”
In the Name of Democracy:
Political Communication Research and Practice in a Polarized Media Environment,
(Baton Rouge, LA: Breaux Symposium, Manship School of Mass Communication,
Louisiana State University, 2011)

• Editorial Comment: Facts? We don’t need no stinkin’ facts!

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