Thursday, September 29, 2011

I’d Rather Huff

Leaving the Times

“For me it’s a chance to write with a point of view. It’s sort of the age of the columnist. With the dysfunctional political system, old conventional notions of fairness make it hard to tell readers directly what’s going on. This is a chance for me to explore solutions in my economic reporting.”

[Peter] Goodman, who spent a decade at The Washington Post before his three years at the Times, says he will still rely on facts and not engage in “ranting.” And while he was happy at the newspaper, he says, he found he was engaged in “almost a process of laundering my own views, through the tried-and-true technique of dinging someone at some think tank to say what you want to tell the reader.”

—Peter Goodman, former national economics reporter,
left The New York Times last year for the Huffington Post
(in Howard Kurtz column, The Washington Post, 2010
(Thanks to alert WORDster Shane Graham)

• Editorial Comment: So this is the new “new journalism”?

• COMING NEXT WEEK: The Children of Ethiopia: From the Cradle to the Grave
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