Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The 3-Second News Cycle

Train Wreck

“Much of [the] journalistic process of verifying and making sense of news reports used to happen behind the scenes, inside newsrooms and TV studios and newswire offices. Increasingly, however, it is happening out in the open, where anyone can see it—and where anyone can take part in it by committing what Andy Carvin of NPR has called ‘random acts of journalism.’

“German chancellor Otto von Bismarck allegedly warned that anyone who enjoys either the law or sausages should not watch either one being made, and the same is true of the news. But we have no choice but to watch now, because it is happening all around us.

“The result of this for journalistic entities of all kinds is that the ‘news cycle’ is being accelerated, like a train whose brakes have failed. . . .”

—Matthew Ingram, senior writer,
GigaOM “Twitter and the incredible shrinking news cycle,”
Feb. 13, 2012

• Editorial Comment: The news cycle is about 3 seconds. I get that. Go to the bathroom and you miss four elections, 19 murders, Europe’s failure and nine celebrity divorces. What’s sad is when 140 characters carry more depth than a half-hour newscast.

• Free Humiliation: Take this quiz on the 25 most misspelled (or mispelled?) words.

News from our award-winning student news site, The Hard News Café
Flood damage not enough to qualify Mendon for government aid, by Josh Ruggles
Proposed Rec Center, playing fields depend on $30 student fee vote
, by Becca Holliday
Windows on the past: Old yearbooks reveal USU during WWI
, by Liz Wilson, Aggie BluePrint
Smithfield OK’s housing density increases for developers, by Jessica Wilkinson
Charles Dickens’ famous works keyed off his own life, professor says
, by Sean O’Sullivan
Hyde Park council approves online bill payment for city’s customers
, by Shannon McCleve
Cache Valley turns out to mourn Powell boys with balloons
, by April Ashland
Log Cabin to USU Republicans: Get involved, work together for change
, by Tara Alvey
Bill to remove some sex offenders from registry moves to Senate
, by Ashley Tolman & April Ashland, Utah Public Radio
Weekly News Roundup, Feb. 6-12, 2012
Journalism students go to ‘war’ with Army ROTC in Green Canyon
, by Rhett Wilkinson
The Aggie TV News Team (Feb. 8 edition). Bookmark ATV News

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