Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Asleep at the Switch

Fact-Checking, Pls

“As I’ve watched the Republican presidential primary unfold, I’ve seen the candidates successfully deflecting answers to tough questions or misleading the public, without forceful and timely push back from the mainstream media. And we all know, the longer a lie or a half truth is allowed to simmer in the public consciousness without being refuted, the harder it is to correct misconceptions down the line.”

—Barbra Streisand, actress,
Where Is the Fourth Estate When You Need Them?Reader Supported News,
Feb. 4, 2012

• Editorial Comment: Babs is right: If journalism were simply transcription, we could just send a tape recorder. Watchdog = pay attention + bark like hell.


News from our award-winning student news site, The Hard News Café
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Pepperidge Farm expansion means 54 new jobs, lots more Goldfish, by Chris Lee
JCOM students launch new online magazine ‘Aggie BluePrint,’ by Kristen Munson
Aggie TV News reports on Roy HS student’s arrest, Aggie Radio, sports, weather and more (Feb. 1 edition)
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