Monday, February 13, 2012

Human Contact

Tell Me A Story

“For all that we spend our days snuffling and rooting for information, trafficking and trading in it, milling and shilling, wired for hire, what we crave most is touch, warmth, skin, joy, hope. So we tell each other stories as a way to extend the hands of our hearts. We use our words and hands and mouths to tell stories. Mark these words: as the century gets ever more electronic and virtual and remote, we will ever more turn to the tactile, the actual, to wood and wool, stone and bone, cloth and paper. To stories we can touch. We yearn and thirst for what is real, what was born in the ancient earth.”

—Brian Doyle, author, Grace Notes (2011)
(Thanks to alert Kristen Moulton)

• Editorial Comment: Right. I feel a need to plant some tomatoes….

News from our award-winning student news site, The Hard News Café
Weekly News Roundup, Feb. 6-12, 2012
Journalism students go to ‘war’ with Army ROTC in Green Canyon
, by Rhett Wilkinson
KSL social media director offers PR students view of new marketplace, by Allie Jeppson
RCDE’s steel, concrete HQ to expand USU’s virtual and online presence
, by Kristi Ottley
In the dark: 20% of USU-Eastern streetlights, pathway lights are out, by Seth Richards
Review: ASCAP music café serves up a smörgasborg for the ears
, by Max Parker Dahl
The Aggie TV News Team reports on the Powell children’s murder, Students represent the “66%” at Utah Capitol protest; same-sex discrimination bill dies in committee; free tax help, the Year of the Dragon, classic Randall Henry weather, Bailey McMurdie’s sports, The Date Doctor visits USU, Beard Beanies, and Nothing to do in Logan Website. (Feb. 8 edition). Bookmark ATV News

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The Wellsvilles float above Cache Valley haze.


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  1. "Whereof we cannot express a theory, we must narrate a story instead." --Umberto Eco