Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Giggling Snark

The WORDmeister sez: Last week, we showed students Good Night, and Good Luck, George Clooney’s laudatory 2005 account of the impact of Edward R. Murrow (Click here). Perhaps through serendipity, others have thought about Murrow lately, too. Here’s one.

Fight Club, Weather & Botox—Film at 11

“The fact that news has become a product for sale is not new [Editor’s Note: Duh.], nor is the fact that media has [sic] embraced celebrity over content and corporate sponsors over substance, and mindless entertainment over education and illumination. Edward R. Murrow warned of these things in his RTNDA Convention speech in 1958. And now, 54 years later, it echoes with immediacy as though written yesterday.

“Television news is an ugly circus of innuendo, gossip and tabloid sensationalism. Whether ABC or CBS or NBC, the news is read by celebrity personalities between self-promotional appearances on late-night talk shows.

“The nightly news is anything but news. Seven minutes of shallowness,* two car chases, the latest celebrity divorce/trial/book/or murder-mystery followed by a feel-good human-interest story. Information, elucidation and perspective are sacrificed for pharmaceutical elixirs of youth and sex, insurance lizards, and the latest in-dash tracking system that monitors and synchs up with your Blackberry/iPhone with a voice that guides your every waking movement and thought. Everything you don't need and can't possibly afford but must have.

“[And] cable news is nothing more than nightly WWE cage matches between hot-air blowhards and giggling snark.”

—John Cory, writer in high dudgeon,
The Ugly Circus,” Reader Supported News, Feb. 19, 2011

• Editorial Comment: *But Brian Williams’ evening news on NBC is now a weather show. Gaaah. Don’t get me started….

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