Wednesday, October 17, 2012

There’s Somethin’ Happenin’ Here . . .


“Facts are, after all, what reporters are all about, or at least are supposed to be. It is factual reporting that we all expect, and indeed depend on, from journalists. If all political pundits were to suddenly disappear it's hard to see how we’d be a lot worse off. Factual journalism is a much different matter; we rely on it to keep us out of the dark. . . .  

The failure to cover the facts is a fundamental failure. Doesn’t responsible journalism require the hard work of relating the conflicting political claims to the facts that either support or discredit them?” 

 —Henry Banta, attorney, columnist and Nieman fellow, Lessons on covering politics from the late David Foster Wallace,” Nieman Watchdog, July 9, 2012
Image: RedEye, Chicago. Newseum Top 10 Front Pages

• Editorial Comment: True enough—I don’t know what I think about the news until the pundits tell me.

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It’s sooooo fresh!

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