Monday, November 26, 2012

Big Brother

Those Were the Days
“The more people grow accustomed to a listening environment in which the ear of Big Brother is assumed to be behind every wall, behind every e-mail, and invisibly present in every electronic communication, telephonic or otherwise . . . [t]he background assumptions of privacy will be gradually eroded to the point where well wake up one day, or our children will, and it will seem quaint that people at one time, long ago thought that they could speak in candor.”
Laurence Tribe, constitutional law professor, 2006

• Editorial Comment: War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

Yesterday’s WORD: Did you miss yesterday’s WORDs on why Arab high school student  Rabiah Abdullah says he has to become a journalist? Click here.

News from USU’s award-winning student news site, The Hard News Café 
Legally Blond: USU professor smooches student in stage drama, by Heidi Smith
Mendon must raise $1.2 million for water well; sets public hearing, by Brandon Fonda
Country swing dance emporium coming to Smithfield? Stay tuned, by Katie Swain
Guest column: Don’t come to Canada, American secessionists, by Sherry King
Silent auction set for ‘found bikes’ in Smithfield, by Katie Swain
Aggie TV News (11/14/12)—No parking! After-school program boosts reading, Aggies go weightless on the ‘vomit comet,’ sports & more!, anchored by Kelsey Keller & Emily Landeen
‘Botanizing Utah’—scientist follows 1890s photo safari of the West, by D. Whitney Smith
Reminder: Overnight parking ban starts Nov. 15 in Logan, by Brandon Fonda
Reporter’s Notebook: Night in a cop car with ‘hell trying to break loose,’ by Dani Hayes

PeezPIX by Ted Pease

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