Wednesday, November 28, 2012

That’s Entertainment

Sugar Puffs
“More and more, the news that Americans are fed looks like entertainment. The difficult and complex aspects of issues are left out because they are incompatible with meeting the public’s entertainment needswhich, unlike the needs for thoughtful reporting, are insatiable. 

“Our political commentators can endlessly amuse us by treating political campaigns and elections as sports eventswe get unending discussions about whos up and whos down. Absurdly irrelevant gaffes by politicians are treated as serious events and subjected to detailed analysis. We are given minute analyses of the current pollshow are the candidates doing with blue collar Armenian Catholics versus Latino Presbyterians versus Mormon lesbian polygamists. 

“At the same time, increasing amounts of ink and air time are consumed by sentimental feel good stories of no real consequence.” 

—Henry Banta, attorney, columnist and Nieman fellow, Lessons on covering politics from the late David Foster Wallace,” Nieman Watchdog, 2012 

• Editorial Comment: Sugar rush—that’s why the news gives me a headache.

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News from USU’s award-winning student news site, The Hard News Café 
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Country swing dance emporium coming to Smithfield? Stay tuned, by Katie Swain
Guest column: Don’t come to Canada, American secessionists, by Sherry King
Silent auction set for ‘found bikes’ in Smithfield, by Katie Swain
Aggie TV News (11/14/12)—No parking! After-school program boosts reading, Aggies go weightless on the ‘vomit comet,’ sports & more!, anchored by Kelsey Keller & Emily Landeen
‘Botanizing Utah’—scientist follows 1890s photo safari of the West, by D. Whitney Smith
Reporter’s Notebook: Night in a cop car with ‘hell trying to break loose,’ by Dani Hayes

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