Friday, February 22, 2013

Get it Rght!


BROOKE GLADSTONE: When a Time Magazine editor hired its first fact-checkers back in the twenties, they were exclusively young women.

CRAIG SILVERMAN:  Because while he considered this fact-checking to be important, it wasn’t so important that he would hire men to do it.

BROOKE GLADSTONE:  He sent a memo around about the ethos of fact checking. He says, “Any bright girl who really applies herself to the handling of the checking problem can have a very pleasant time with it, and fill the week with happy moments and memorable occasions. The most important thing to remember in checking is that the writer is your natural enemy. He is trying to see how much he can get away with.”

—Brooke Gladstone, host, “On the Media,” with Craig Silverman of “Regret the Error,” discussing fact-checking in the press, WNYC. Listen or read transcript. Feb. 15, 2013

• Editorial Comment: Facts, schmacts. Tell me what you feel in your gut.

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