Friday, February 1, 2013

RIP Ed Koch

The Irrepressible Mr. Mayor

“You don't have to love them. You just have to respect their rights.”

—Ed Koch, (1924-2013) former New York Mayor, died last night. NYTimes obit 

• Editorial Comment: Wherever he is now, his first question: “How’m I doing?” Not too bad, Mr. Mayor

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  1. Here's an Ed Koch story I read years ago. The mayor was on a press tour of the zoo. As the group was passing the lion cage one of the tv guys said "Mr. Mayor, why don't you stick your head in the lion's mouth. It'll make a great shot." His honor replied: "The Mayor of New York is many things. The mayor is not a schmuck. Let's move on." RIP Mr. Mayor.

  2. Koch was great copy, and also a liar when he wanted to be (which was often). I used to drive his press secretary, Tom Goldstein, crazy when I was tracking down "inconsistencies" in Koch's remarks and prepared statements, or complaining about the nonresponsiveness of all city agencies (unresponsive to me and to my journalism students). Tom had his payback 15 years later, when he became dean at Columbia. The NYT obit was fine. Anyone after Abe Beame (an utter fool, thief and shithead) would have been an improvement.