Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rude TV


“The media encourages some of the outliers in behavior because, let’s face it, the easiest way to get on television right now is to be really rude.”

Barack Obama, Sept. 18, 2009 




• Editorial Comment: That’s a lot of @#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@#$%^&*()!!! Oooo! Oooo! Pick me! Pick me!!

Yesterday’s WORD: Did you miss yesterday’s WORDs from “Dangerous Liaisons” author  Christopher Hampton about writers, dogs and lamp posts? Click here.

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News from USU’s award-winning student news site, The Hard News Café
AggieTV News—Plane crash ends well, winter weather & more, anchored by Katrina Warburton & Kelton Wells

A night out at Lewiston Theater, by Shayna Marcure
 • Creepy but compelling: ‘Stoker’ director connects with actors, audience, by Dani Hayes
 • Confessions of a Sundance groupie: My Day with Dan Rad, by Katie Swain

Aggie TV News—freezing pipes, chili, snowmen, and a new sports show, anchored by Katrina Warburton and Kelton Wells
What to believe? Confronting crises of faith, by Katie Feinauer 
Wild turkeys on the move, looking for better digs in Paradise, by Dawn Otterby
Ammo shortage in valley stores frustrates customers, by Jonathan Larson

To beer or not to beer? Hyde Parkers will vote on that, by Zach Dau
Soccer registration starts Saturday in Providence, River Heights, by Paul Christiansen 

PeezPIX by Ted Pease

Winter Delirium—I have a head cold

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