Monday, January 30, 2012

The Traits of the Journalist

Fair Warning

“Macdonald was a man who had a congenital distrust of authority, but whose talent and charm made this into an appealing trait of temperment rather than a personal or professional liability. Macdonald not only enjoyed provoking; he liked to be provoked. . . .”

“Macdonald was vociferous, opinionated, and, when he was drunk, nasty and combative, though this was true of many of his peers as well—it was an alcoholic milieu. He was also, almost serenely, pure of heart. . . .”

“A person whose financial requirements are modest and whose curiosity, skepticism, and indifference to reputation are outsized is a person at risk of becoming a journalist.”

—Louis Menand, writer,
in profile of journalist
Dwight Macdonald (1906-1982):
“Browbeaten,” The New Yorker, Sept. 5, 2011
(Thanks to alert WORDster Linda Steiner)

• Editorial Comment: Passion required. Eating optional.

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