Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fair & Balanced

The Elected Pundocrisy

I never, ever have seen media this way. Its almost indescribable. Making up stories, refusing to run real stories. Its making themselves look like utter fools. There's no journalism, there is no media. Theres pure, full-fledged advocacy here.”

—Rush Limbaugh, radio host 
• Editorial Comment: What?! Seriously?

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News from USU’s award-winning student news site, The Hard News Café
Sundance 2013 closes: What a great party! by Ben Hansen
Review: A glimpse inside the ultra-private Orthodox Jewish world, by Dani Hayes 
Quadside concert series will continue this semester with local talent, by Manda Perkins 
Cough! County to impose emissions testing, but inversion will remain, by Curtis Lundstrom 
Aggie TV News (Jan. 29, 2013): More winter storms, area traffic accidents, the northern Utah inversion, sports, weather & more, anchored by Emily Landeen & Aaron GriffithsAggie TV News (Jan. 24, 2013): Winter snow, Arts Week, sports & weather, anchored by Brandon Fonda and Victoria Hepworth 
Providence Council says unanimous no to school district’s plans, by Paul Christiansen No decision yet by Hyde Park on request to build ‘green home,’ by Zack Dau
Paradise Valley Orchards will offer vegetables this season, by Dawn Otterby 
Review: More like the unnecessary death of a good cast in a bad movie, by Katie Swain North Logan parents give school board an earful on new high school, by Jonathan Larson

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  1. Jim Slade writes: A lot of his devoted bobble heads think he's a journalist. They don't know any better, and those of us who toil in that vineyard are always too reluctant to rise in defense of our standards. I'm not sure anyone truly understands the ethics of the business anymore--too lost in the fog of propagandists like this one. God, he makes me mad.

  2. I refer to him as Rush Limburger because he is a bad smelling big cheese.

  3. Dan writes:

    This would be the Rush Limbaugh, 1960s drop out from Wheaton College, Southeast Missouri State University, or wherever, draft evader during the Viet Nam years, having presented to military examiners a very large boil on his butt, who then went on to be a local dj under a variety of names, before stumbling into the lucrative world of right-wing punditry, where the loudest, most factually creative braying ass is often the most well-paid braying ass (See Ann Coulter for further evidence of braying for dollars), and in more recent times frequent guest of customs inspectors and airport police around the world for carrying prescription drugs without the necessary prescriptions, bootleg Viagra horrifyingly being a favorite.

    This would be the same genius who's now lecturing the world on real stories versus made up stories in the media. You gotta love the first amendment for giving his ilk their gaudy rhinestone pulpits, while pondering the good sense of those millions who actually believe what these contrived show-boaters tell them. P. T. Barnum, he of a sucker born every minute fame, would be proud beyond belief.