Thursday, September 30, 2010

Content is ...?

Premature Obits

“First: Google and other internet companies have no business telling anybody how to do content business, given that the majority have no real experience in it.
“Second: Newspapers (and all print media companies) have just as much opportunity and chance for success online, if not more, as anybody.
“Third: Print is not ‘dead’ because platforms never truly die (hello, radio?)—and anybody who says otherwise is inexperienced or they’d know better. If anything, the future opens more opportunity, not less, for those in the print media business.”
—Patricia Handschiegel, Internet entrepreneur and adviser,
speaking to the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Association, 9-16-20

(Thanks to alert WORDster Roger Plothow)

Editor’s Note: “Content is king.” Or crap.

Today’s Wish-I-Were-Here Photo: Salmon Sky

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  1. I've let my subscription to CJR lapse because it is nothing but self-fulfilling prophecy about the demise of print. Sorry, at least the community newspaper segment is doing fine, thank you very much. We deliver both print and online versions because that is what our readers want. The net gives us immediacy and the ability to ost large volumes of documents; the hard copy lets us explore stories in depth in a format that does not tie the reader to a computer or tiny screen.
    John Wylie, Publisher
    Oologah (Okla.) Lake Leader