Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TV Amok?

Rampant Television

“People like me are using the Net to bypass the customary providers of television programming, along with the ads they show and the fees they collect. . . . Television is escaping the TV set and the cable box. We no longer watch the tube. We watch, to borrow ex-Senator Ted Stevens’s memorable conceit, a series of tubes.”

—Nick Carr, journalist and author (most recently, The Shallows, 2010)
From The Price of Free, The New York Times Magazine, Nov. 15, 2009

Editor’s Note: Beam me up, Scotty!

Today’s Wish-I-Were-Here Photo: Sandsit

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  1. You might like to check out what's been happening over at NBC's Education Nation... a propaganda extravaganza from the Billionaire Boys Club demonising teachers and pushing the privatisation of education/schools... check out the panel of speakers and the sponsors - all the usual suspects...



    Oprah's gotten into the act, as has TIME and, to a lesser extent, CBS

    The blogosphere has been full of angry comment over the past 10 days... first at the lack of representation on the panels of key stakeholders in this "SUMMIT" (parents and teachers), and credentialled people who oppose the education reform agenda being implemented now, such as Diane Ravitch, Prof Zhao etc and then at NBC's censorship of criticism - deleting critical posts and banning people, including well known commentators like Anthony Cody...



    and then, the LA Times' publication of teacher names and its own 'ranking' of them and their 'effectiveness' has led to the first death...


  2. Update... there is now difficulty accessing Education Nation's facebook page... several of my co-activists are having the same trouble... not sure if its a technical issue or if its more censorship and our IP addresses have been blocked again....

  3. First off, love the power rangers picture on the classic aqua tv.
    I think this is quite interesting because, really, I don't watch TV. However I'm totally caught up on last week's episode of Glee. Gotta love Hulu, right? Interestingly enough, this week's Glee paid homage to a youtube video, "David after Dentist". Which, of course, I had to show my roommates after we watched Glee. Then, once I was on youtube, there were a couple other things to watch, all while waiting for the preview of next week's episode to buffer on Fox.com. Endless cycle? I think so.