Sunday, January 6, 2013

Local News

Happy New Year. Welcome (back) for the start of the 2013 Season of Today’s WORD on Journalism. More useless but amusing blather!

Useful News
I love local newstheres no getting bogged down in the issues. Its half murder, half news I can use. No fat. 

Stephen Colbert, pundit/author/philosopher-god, 2006 URL  

• Editorial Comment: And in Logan, Utah, local news doesn't get any more hard-hitting than obscene snowmen.

Yesteryear’s WORD: Did you miss the final WORDs of 2012 from philosopher-king Groucho Marx? About fruit and time? Click here. 
PeezPIX by Ted Pease

Morning at College Cove. The PeezPix photo show at Caffé Ibis on Federal Avenue in Logan, Utah, continues through Jan. 11. Check it out!

(Be)Friend Dr. Ted, Professor of Interesting Stuff 


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