Monday, April 8, 2013

Fly, Dumbo!

Fear & Feathers

“I’m convinced that fear is at the root of most bad writing. If one is writing for one’s own pleasure, that fear may be mild. . . If, however, one is working under deadlinea school paper, a newspaper article, the SAT writing samplethat fear may be intense. Dumbo got airborne with the help of a magic feather; you may feel the urge to grasp a passive verb or one of those nasty adverbs for the same reason. Just remember before you do that Dumbo didn’t need the feather; the magic was in him.”

—Stephen King, writer and author of On Writing: A memoir of the craft (2000) 

• Editorial Comment: Swish and flick. Magic indeed.

Yesterday’s WORD: Did you miss yesterday’s WORDs from British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who died Monday, on “the U turn”? Click here.

News from USU’s award-winning student news site, The Hard News Café
A-TV News—Seagull poop, the Beav, lightbulbs & spring showers, anchored by Kelton Wells & Jason Borba 
Logan temple incident ends in suspect’s arrest on FTA warrant, by Jonathan Larson
Richmond envisions more modest homes for old and young, by Shayna Marcure
ATV News—I-15 highway shooting, Baby Animal Days, body found in Logan River & more, anchored by Jenna Lynn and Emily Landeen  
‘Justice and equality’—supporters of same-sex marriage rally in Logan, by Jessica Sonderegger
PeezPIX by Ted Pease

The View from above the Sideline Bar

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